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Frequently Asked Questions

How are my HOA dues used?

A detailed breakdown of how the HOA uses your dues can be found here. But in short, over 50% of dues paid go toward our landscaping contractor that maintains the entrances, cul-de-sacs and common areas in the neighborhood. A large portion of the remainder goes toward social functions like Summer Splash, the Annual Egg Hunt and the Annual HOA Meeting and Bar-B-Que. A small amount goes toward neighborhood safety programs and liability insurance that we are required to maintain.

We just moved in! How do we get involved and meet our neighbors?

Welcome to River Shore Estates! We are lucky to have several real estate agents who live in the neighborhood and are often members of the Board, so hopefully we are aware as soon as you move in. Our Welcome Wagon should drop by soon with a welcome basket and neighborhood directory. But if we've missed you, or you want to get the jump on us, just reach out to our Social Chair at


Do we hold meetings?

The HOA Board meets at least once per quarter. The Bylaws require that we hold an annual meeting that all residents are invited to attend. During this meeting we nominate and vote for new board members for the next year. We also have social get-togethers all year long, some HOA sponsored and others organized by our residents (long-time residents will remember Matt Teli's annual Kentucky Derby party!).

What is the history of River Shore Meadows?

Originally, River Shore Meadows was a home site at 6285 River Shore Parkway, but the home was built within the State's stream buffer on Nancy Creek and had to be torn down. In 2010, the city received a $2.75 million grant through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, an initiative of the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and the Georgia Emergency Management Association (GEMA) in which the city could acquire up to 11 properties via federal funds. In 2023, River Shore Meadows opened with creek-side trails amongst a native Georgia forest. Neighbors can use the space for anything within the Sandy Springs Parks Department rules (posted at the trailhead).

How is neighborhood information communicated?

The website is updated regularly with pictures, changes to the board and schedule for HOA-sponsored events. The River Shore Estates Facebook page is a great place for more real-time information. The Board owns a marquee sign that we will place at the front entrance to alert neighbors of events coming soon, and quarterly newsletters are posted here and emailed to residents.

How do I join The Riverside Swim & Tennis Club or Mountaire Park?

River Shore Estates has agreements with Riverside and Mountaire neighborhoods that allows our residents to be members at both clubs. Apply for membership at The Riverside Club here and apply to Mountaire Park here.


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